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Fiber of the Month Club

Fiber of the Month Club

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Guess what?! We enjoy a little surprise every once and awhile, so who wouldn't love a surprise Fiber of the Month box with no subscription commitment!
We aim to get you out of a creative funk by offering you new colorways, fiber types, and/or blends each month! Our monthly box has its own inspirational prompt, accompanied by a minimum of 4 to 10 oz. of fiber, occasional tools, and goodies.

Choose from three options every month:
  1. Yarn Fanatic - I love yarn and only yarn. No unspun fiber for me please!
  2. Spinning Master - I am one with the fiber and only wish to spin the fiber.
  3. Surprise Me! - Hey.. I'm not picky. I spin... I use yarn... I'd create something magnificent with either.
*Items pictured are only an example of items available for Fiber of the Month boxes. Questions? Suggestions? Or possible requests? Email us at


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