Seth Anderson - Tiny Turtle Studio

Growing up in Perry, Seth found his love of art at a very young age. Learning techniques and different ways to create art at Perry Community School District, he grew to appreciate old world processes and the steps it took to evolve a work of art. After graduating high school in 2009, he moved on to Iowa State University to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts; ISU trained him in the technical skills to create, but this grew his love of old world design and techniques even more.
Seth learned the joy of printmaking in his early years in college, learning intaglio, relief printing, silk screen, and many other techniques. It wasn't until 2011, when he was looking for a way to create his own handmade portfolios and sketchbooks, that he took up bookbinding. In 2017, Seth created his studio name Tiny Turtle Studio as a small art studio and social media brand to focus on creating art, providing tutorials, and to act as an outlet for creative discussions. Seth enjoys the process and watching how things evolve as the pieces develop, and Tiny Turtle Studio is the name he uses to convey emotion through the art he makes with texture, lines, and various medias and through teaching others to love and enjoy the process to create our own beautiful works of art.

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