Reagan Peterson - By the SeaGlass

Reagan Peterson - By the SeaGlass

Reagan Peterson is a sophomore at Johnston High School. Reagan grew up in a military family and was a Navy Brat. She has lived in Washington D.C., San Diego, Chicago, Charleston, SC, and Okinawa Japan before moving to Iowa. She loves the beach, traveling, playing Pokémon, hanging out with friends and being an artist.


By the SeaGlass came about in January of 2019 after friends and family saw the Christmas gifts she had made for her grandmas and mom. Lots of requests prompted her to start creating and selling her pictures. Originally all the glass used was from the personal stash that her family brought back from their time in Japan. Now, because of the demand, she gets glass from lots of places. Reagan has friends that still send glass from Okinawa, but has also tapped friends in Maine to send her glass. She also has had shells and rocks brought back for her from friends and family that have visited Mexico, Florida and Iceland, among other places. Occasionally, she even makes some of her own beach glass at home to get a special color.

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