Helen Bell - Kitchen Corner Knitting

Helen has been knitting fun, colorful creations for over 3 and a half years. Her first projects were a humble dish towel with a bold personality, and a photo-worthy hat that was just a little teeny bit too tight. Since then, Helen has channeled her fascination with all things small and whimsical into shawls, stuffed animals, and comfy hats for her children. Drawing on her artistry as a cake maker and decorator, Helen loves transforming simple shapes into something delightful. She treats each item as a process of discovery, honing in on the details and flourishes that bring out its individual voice and vibe. With her roots firmly planted in Perry, Iowa, Helen finds inspiration in the natural shapes, patterns, and textures around her, and enjoys finding beauty in the mundane. From grasses to wildflowers, to weird and squashy mushrooms, Helen embraces a wide range of the honest (and sometimes oddly) beautiful and hopes to help you embrace it too.

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