Ann Schulz - Crafty Creations

I was born in Iowa and have lived here my entire life. My great grandma, my grandma, my great aunts, and my mom all crocheted as I was growing up, but I never took the time to learn until later in life. I would always just sit and silently watch them thinking how beautiful all the things they made were. My great grandma used to make doilies, and she’d sit and crochet while talking to you. I’d watch and think “how does she even know what she’s doing?!” As I got older and lost my great grandma I always wished I’d have asked her to show me how to crochet, so I asked my mom to show me the basics. From there, I would read and watch videos, and it has become something I do to relax. I can sit with my family and crochet in the evening and carry on conversations while crocheting and it silently gives me a warm feeling of being like my grandma. I enjoy seeing a pattern and changing it a little to make it turn out as I see it in my mind. It has become a way I can express myself.

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